Joe Biden Coughs into His Hand, then Shakes Hands with People

 Joe Biden Coughs into His Hand, then Shakes Hands with People

Despite not wearing a mask, the president was apprehended in New Jersey, even after seeing Alejandro Mayorkas, who tested positive for Covid-19.

President Joe Biden has promoted Maks and vaccinations at every opportunity, but it appears that the council is not for him. Just days after visiting Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who tested positive for Covid-19 on October 19, a maskless president was caught coughing into his hand and shaking a public hand in Kearny, New Jersey.

This isn’t the first time the president has been found violating his own Covid-19 protocols. On October 16, he was allowed without a mask to attend a dinner date with First Lady Jill in Washington, DC. That uproar erupted just days after it was revealed that the President had constructed a White House in the Old Executive Office Building rather than using the White House itself. A maskless Biden similarly reached out to the people from the Lincoln Memorial days after his inauguration, generating massive controversy.

That outrage has returned. When the video of Biden’s cough surfaced on social media, it spread like wildfire, with the president being the object of much ire. As large swaths of the country remain under the mask mandate, angry and frustrated social media users began attacking Biden.

The President made the trip to Kearny to address the public from the NJ Transit Meadowlands Maintenance Complex. He came to the state to promote its $1 billion infrastructure plan, which is still being debated in Congress.

The visit was also notable for another reason: Biden was spotted with Governor Phil Murphy, who is competing for re-election. The president’s promises, however, were not the main talking points of the visit; rather, it was a 30-second clip.

Biden can be seen and heard coughing into his right hand after addressing the public in the maintenance complex. Then he leaves the stage and shakes hands with those standing right beneath it. He does not always wear a mask, despite the fact that all of his intelligence agents do. Here’s the video that’s making the rounds:

The video is important for two reasons. First, Biden breaks his own mask policy. Second, he may have Covid-19 after meeting with Mayorkas shortly before testing positive. On October 16, a maskless President, First Lady, and Mayorkas were seen at the annual National Police Officer Memorial at the United States Capitol. Mayorkas tested positive just a few days later. While Mayorkas and Biden are both properly vaccinated, the president could still spread the virus to anyone he meets, putting them at risk even if they are not.

Social media was quick to condemn Biden. “President Joe Biden coughs right into his hand just before shaking hands with many people. However, fully vaccinated students have to wear their masks for eight hours in school. Funny how that works, ”tweeted one person. Another commented, “Biden the superspreader … that’s a nasty cough Joe …” One user said, “Joe Biden coughs on hand, goes on to shake hands with everyone. Covid doesn’t exist when you’re president.”

“Someone is teaching Biden to cough in his elbow. We learn that in preschool, ”said one person. Another tweeted, “Nothing says“ stop the spread ”like coughing into your hand and then shaking people’s hands 5 seconds later.” One user commented, “Biden coughs into his hand and then greets several people MASKLESS! !!

It’s uncertain whether Biden and Jill were tested following their meeting with Mayorkas. The secretary is currently isolated at home and is just slightly overworked, according to reports. While Biden does not appear to be suffering from any serious symptoms, his actions clearly violate his own protocols.

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