Joe Biden claims Donald Trump is “feeding” lies to QAnon and extremist Republicans

 Joe Biden claims Donald Trump is “feeding” lies to QAnon and extremist Republicans

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Joe Biden appeared on Jimmy Fallon‘s Tonight Show on NBC for the first time as President yesterday. The US president explained in a video call from the White House that he did not have a single Republican vote on his Build Back Better plan.

The drafted bill, which is intended to provide affordable childcare for all working-class and middle-class families, among other things, has yet to be voted on.

The bill, according to the President, would be denied by Republicans due to a lack of communication that did not exist prior to Trump’s presidency.

Mr. Biden claims he used to be friends with many Republicans despite his differences of opinion with their positions.

He mentions doing Bob Dole’s eulogy recently, a Republican Senate leader and presidential candidate who died earlier this week at the age of 98.

Joe Biden said: “We were friends, we disagreed, but we were friends. We used to have an awful lot of that relationship.

“And that still exists.

“Except the QAnon and the extreme elements of the Republican Party, what Donald Trump seems to keep feeding the big lie, makes it hard.

“An awful lot of Republicans in Congress would agree with me.”

The President then stated that the bill had already been paid for, indicating that no one earning less than $400,000 per year would have to pay an additional cent in taxes.

He also claimed that the bill will not add a penny to the American deficit.

The Build Back Better plan aims to put all three-year-old children in school, create jobs, and lower the cost of living for all working-class households.

Republicans such as Senator Bill Cassidy have been loud in their opposing the bill.

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