President Joe Biden is serious about banning history in America

 President Joe Biden is serious about banning history in America

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Upon realizing that critical race theory was being incorporated into the school curriculum, parents voiced their opposition. Vice President Kamala Harris, however, interpreted this as an indication that slavery would no longer be taught in Florida schools, an interpretation that some have questioned.

While it’s unclear why the White House has chosen to place Harris at the forefront of this discussion, some speculate that it could be an anticipation of a potential political matchup between President Joe Biden and Ron DeSantis in 2024.

President Biden has also expressed concern about reports of books being banned in the United States in 2023. However, it should be clarified that these books are not “banned” per se, but have been removed from school libraries. This has led to questions about Biden’s stance on explicit content in school libraries.

Biden has voiced concerns about the supposed “banning of history.” His reassurance, “I’m serious,” has been interpreted by some as an indication of his lack of conviction in his own words.

It may be worthwhile for Biden to address his concerns to the African American scholars who have developed Florida’s black history curriculum. Aside from content related to the Confederacy, it is not entirely clear where history is being banned.

Whether Biden genuinely believes in these claims or if he is simply misinformed about the current state of affairs in the country remains to be seen. Despite doubts over whether Biden will participate in debates in the future, given the protective stance of the Democratic National Committee, there are those who express eagerness to witness a potential debate between him and DeSantis.

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