Joe Biden addresses killings in Buffalo and Texas: ‘It’s too much violence

 Joe Biden addresses killings in Buffalo and Texas: ‘It’s too much violence

Joe Biden (images credit: Getty Images)

The president made the remarks Saturday morning during a commencement speech at the University of Delaware.

While speaking on the deadly murders in New York and Texas, President Joe Biden urged Americans to “stand stronger” to make the country safer.

Biden made the remarks at a commencement speech at his alma school, the University of Delaware, on Saturday morning.

The president stated that he felt white supremacy had been defeated, but then the racist attack on a grocery store in a predominantly Black district of Buffalo, New York, happened.

The May 14 shooting killed ten people, all of them were Black. The suspect was caught and charged with first-degree murder, Yahoo News reports.

“I went and met with every one of those parents, every one of those families,” Biden said before segueing into Tuesday’s massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas where 19 students and two teachers were killed. The 18-year-old shooter was killed by police.

“And now, tomorrow I’ll be heading to Uvalde, Texas to meet with each of those families,” Biden said. “As I speak, those parents are literally preparing to bury their children.

In the United States of America, to bury their children. It’s too much violence, too much fear, too much grief. Let’s be clear evil came to that elementary school classroom in Texas, to the grocery store in New York, too far too many places where innocence has died. ..

We have to stand stronger, we must stand stronger. We cannot outlaw tragedy, I know, but we can make America safer.”

Biden said he was calling on “all Americans this hour to join hands and make your voices heard and work together to make this nation what it can and should be.”

“I know we can do this. We have done it before,” he said.

On May 17, the president and first lady Jill Biden came to Buffalo to view the scene at Tops Friendly Markets and meet with the victims’ families.

They will meet with community and religious leaders, as well as victims’ families, during their visit to Uvalde on Sunday.

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