“Censor Conservatives” Jim Jordan Invites Ben Shapiro to Testify at Online Censorship Hearing

 “Censor Conservatives” Jim Jordan Invites Ben Shapiro to Testify at Online Censorship Hearing

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) has decided to invite far-right talk show host Ben Shapiro to testify at his hearing on online censorship, raising eyebrows across the political spectrum. The move, first reported by Punchbowl News’ Max Cohen, targets the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM).

This group, operating under the World Economic Forum, aims to mitigate the effects of harmful digital content. Jordan, a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump, accuses GARM and similar organizations of attempting to censor conservative voices on the internet. He has launched an investigation into the group, suggesting it may be violating antitrust laws.

This hearing is part of a broader campaign by House Republicans against efforts to police misinformation online, which they claim threatens conservative speech and content creators. Their tactics have included intimidation of businesses and universities that engage in these efforts.

Shapiro, who has a history with Breitbart, is no stranger to controversy. He has made headlines for blaming actor Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death on “leftist culture,” accusing Meghan Markle of fabricating stories about racist backlash from the British royal family, and performing a racist gesture while speaking to students at Florida State University.

Jordan’s focus on online censorship coincides with his efforts, alongside Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY), to promote conspiracy theories. They claim that “CIA contractors” collaborated with Biden’s campaign to suppress stories about his son Hunter Biden. These allegations have been debunked by former CIA officer Brian Greer, who stated, “It doesn’t appear to even have a good theory about what the CIA did wrong. But it assumes that randomly quoting some internal emails will give Fox News what it needs.”

Jordan’s hearing is expected to scrutinize GARM’s activities and its influence on digital content. Critics argue that such inquiries are veiled attempts to dismantle mechanisms designed to combat misinformation and protect the public from harmful content.

Ben Shapiro’s invitation to testify adds a provocative element to the hearing, given his contentious statements and controversial history. His testimony will likely echo Jordan’s claims about conservative censorship, potentially inflaming partisan tensions further.

This hearing highlights the ongoing conflict over how to manage online content and the role of government and private entities in regulating speech. As misinformation continues to be a critical issue, the debate over censorship versus free speech remains fiercely contested.

The outcome of Jordan’s investigation and the subsequent hearing could have significant implications for digital media regulations and the future landscape of online content. With figures like Shapiro taking the stand, the discussions are sure to be charged and highly scrutinized.

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