Jim Jordan Defends Kushner in Wake of $2 Billion Saudi Investment Controversy

 Jim Jordan Defends Kushner in Wake of $2 Billion Saudi Investment Controversy


In a notable exchange on Newsmax, host Eric Bolling delved into the financial engagements of Jared Kushner, particularly focusing on a significant $2 billion investment received from the Saudi Arabian government after his tenure in the Trump administration.

This topic surfaced during Hunter Biden’s appearance before the House Oversight Committee, where he was questioned about his foreign dealings. Bolling’s inquiry aimed to compare the foreign interactions of Hunter Biden with those of Kushner, highlighting the latter’s substantial financial deal.

During the segment, Bolling recounted a moment where Hunter Biden reportedly mentioned Kushner’s extensive dealings with foreign entities, arguably more so than his own. Bolling referenced a statement by Representative Dan Goldman, emphasizing the contrast between the foreign engagements of Biden and Kushner.

However, when Bolling sought Representative Jim Jordan’s perspective on the matter, Jordan was quick to defend Kushner, dismissing the notion of any wrongdoing. Jordan underscored the extensive scrutiny the Trump family had undergone, asserting the absurdity of allegations against Kushner, as per Mediaite.

Kushner, who played a pivotal role in shaping the Middle East strategy during his time in the Trump White House, found himself at the center of controversy six months post-administration when he secured a $2 billion investment deal.

The deal drew attention, especially after a New York Times report disclosed that the Saudi sovereign’s advisory body initially recommended against the investment in Kushner’s firm, citing concerns over management experience. Despite these reservations, the investment was ultimately approved under the guidance of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a known ally of the Trump administration.

Addressing the concerns at an event in Miami, Kushner maintained that he had adhered to all legal and ethical standards, dismissing any conflict of interest allegations. He pointed out the global stature of the Saudi sovereign wealth fund, noting its significant investments in major companies worldwide, as per Business Standard.

The scrutiny over Kushner’s deal was further amplified when James Comer, chair of the House Oversight Committee and a leading figure in the investigation into Hunter Biden’s activities, remarked that Kushner’s acceptance of the $2 billion investment raised ethical questions. Comer, however, differentiated between the cases of Biden and Kushner, noting the timing of their respective deals relative to their positions in government.

This distinction became a point of contention, especially as investigations into Kushner were halted following the GOP’s regaining control of the House, highlighting the complex interplay of politics, ethics, and foreign investments in the realm of American political families.

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