Jim Jordan’s Critique of Biden’s Finances Backfires: ‘Perfectly described Donald J. Trump’

 Jim Jordan’s Critique of Biden’s Finances Backfires: ‘Perfectly described Donald J. Trump’

Photo: Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call via Getty Images

In a recent statement, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) declared that public officials’ families should not financially benefit from political power, sparking a fierce backlash. Jordan, defending an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, emphasized the impropriety of personal financial gains tied to public office.

However, viewers quickly pointed out the irony in Jordan’s remarks, with references to Jared and Ivanka Trump serving as advisors during the Trump administration. One comment on social media noted, “Jared and Ivanka, ‘advisors’ to Trump during his administration would like a word.”

MSNBC producer Steve Benen responded with a scathing critique, defending Biden and highlighting the lack of evidence supporting claims that Biden used his office for family business interests. Benen also drew attention to a Politico report from January 2020, describing how Donald Trump fused his private business interests with the presidency, regularly visiting his properties and directing taxpayer money to his businesses.

The criticism on social media echoed these sentiments, with one comment questioning if Jordan was joking and suggesting that he had “perfectly described Donald J. Trump.”

Viewers also took the opportunity to draw comparisons with other politicians, citing Rep. James Comer’s reported financial dealings and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, accused by watchdog groups of financial improprieties involving his wife Ginni.

The backlash underscores the challenges public figures face when raising concerns about financial ethics, especially when their own political allies have faced similar criticisms.

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