Former Jill Biden spox joins Dem firm helping White House with GOP investigations amid Hunter Biden drama

 Former Jill Biden spox joins Dem firm helping White House with GOP investigations amid Hunter Biden drama

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In the midst of the controversy surrounding first son Hunter Biden, the former spokesman for First Lady Jill Biden joined a Democratic business assisting the White House in navigating the House GOP investigations.

Michael LaRosa, who resigned from his position as the first lady’s press secretary last year, has accepted a senior adviser position with the Democrat charity Facts First USA.

Eddie Vale, a representative for Facts First USA, tweeted, “A hearty [Facts First USA] greeting to [LaRosa].” According to their website, Facts First USA seeks to function as a “Truth SWAT team” to combat Republican “bad-faith falsehoods and disinformation.”

The group’s website claims that Republicans “have telegraphed their plan to abuse the extensive tools of congressional oversight to abuse congressional control to bombard the Biden Administration with investigations, flood the White House with subpoenas, and drive the narrative about the Biden Administration during the run-up to the 2024 presidential election.”

The website says, “We will seek to restrict the right-wing fury machine’s reach – to keep it within their own echo chamber rather than enabling it to become part of the mainstream media coverage.

When LaRosa, a former producer for Chris Matthews’ MSNBC program, which is no longer broadcast, praised Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman during his Senate race last year after the revelation of a doctor’s letter, it garnered a lot of attention on Twitter. The purpose of the memo was to allay concerns over the then-Democratic senate nominee’s suitability for the job.

“To be quite honest with you, I don’t even believe he needs the note. After Duquesne-UPMC Dr. Clifford Chen published a letter stating that Fetterman had “no work limitations and can perform full duty in public service,” LaRosa remarked, “You see, the guy is a political athlete, one of the greatest ones I’ve ever seen.”

FOX News Digital asked Facts First USA about LaRosa’s employment if there would be communication between the company and the White House or the first lady’s office, and the former spokesperson’s prior tweet regarding Hunter Biden. Facts First USA did not comment right away.

LaRosa is not the only Democratic operative at Facts First with close relationships to major news outlets; she most recently started contributing to ABC News in November 2022. Ali Rubin, who was appointed a senior adviser this month, was formerly an external affairs senior vice president at Axios from 2016 to 2019. Her CV also lists employment with Hillary Clinton in the Clinton Foundation, the Biden-Harris transition team, and other positions.

Jess Mcintosh served as a political pundit for CNN from 2017 to 2022 until being selected as the organization’s communications director last month. She also participated in Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful 2016 presidential campaign and served as EMILY’S List’s vice president of communications. Another top aide, Maria Cardona, has a history of working as a political pundit for CNN.

As previously revealed by Fox News Digital, White House staff secretary Neera Tanden allegedly called Democratic operative David Brock, who founded Facts First USA, “bats—- insane.”

Having founded Media Matters for America and American Bridge 21st Century, Brock, a longtime ally of President Clinton, announced in November that he was leaving the left-wing organizations after almost 20 years to start Facts First USA to support Vice President Biden’s campaign against Republicans in the new Congress.

He began his career as a right-leaning freelance journalist before joining the Democratic Party in the middle of the 1990s. He has been a well-known figure in Democratic circles for almost 20 years. According to a November New York Times article, Brock’s network of progressive organizations “play significant roles in the Democratic Party environment.”

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