First Lady Jill Biden Defends Son Against GOP Attacks, Expresses Confidence in President’s Leadership Amid Controversy

 First Lady Jill Biden Defends Son Against GOP Attacks, Expresses Confidence in President’s Leadership Amid Controversy


In a recent interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” First Lady Jill Biden voiced strong disapproval of the Republican party’s actions, particularly targeting GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene for displaying an explicit photo of Hunter Biden during a House Oversight Committee hearing. This event coincided with a Republican-driven contempt of Congress resolution against Hunter, an action Jill Biden described as “horrible.”

Jill Biden criticized the ongoing attacks against President Joe Biden and his family, particularly the allegations against Hunter, emphasizing the lack of substantial evidence. She expressed pride in Hunter’s efforts to overcome addiction and concern about the impact of these political actions on her grandchildren, as per ABC News reports. 

The First Lady also addressed the derogatory rhetoric used by Republicans, such as the term “Biden crime family” and insults directed at President Biden. She reflected on the divisive state of the nation and the negative labels like “liar” and “mentally incompetent” attributed to her husband. Amidst discussions about President Biden’s age—he is currently 81 and could be 86 by the end of a second term—Jill Biden expressed confidence in his capability to serve another term, citing his energy and passion.

Jill Biden responded to concerns about the President’s age, emphasizing his wisdom and experience. She showed readiness for the upcoming campaign, particularly at the prospect of a potential rematch with former President Donald Trump, stating her determination to “win” and protect democracy, as per The Hill reports.

The interview came in the wake of the House Republicans’ advancement of a contempt of Congress resolution against Hunter Biden, signaling possible criminal charges. Hunter has been resisting subpoenas for a closed-door deposition in the House GOP’s impeachment inquiry into his father. The First Lady reiterated the White House’s stance that the President was not involved in Hunter’s business dealings.

The focus of House Republicans on Hunter Biden’s business activities, an ongoing theme since the 2020 election, has brought to light federal tax charges and false statement charges that Hunter currently faces. Throughout these controversies, President Biden has consistently shown support for his son, particularly regarding his struggles with addiction.

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