Seems like a great time to remember when Jen Psaki got pissy at question about Hunter Biden’s art patrons

 Seems like a great time to remember when Jen Psaki got pissy at question about Hunter Biden’s art patrons

(Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

New details have emerged about an art connoisseur who was so captivated by Hunter Biden’s artwork that she decided to make a purchase. This individual’s name is Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali. This came as a surprise since we were previously informed that the identities of Hunter’s “carefully vetted” art buyers were confidential and would remain so. However, it seems Hunter Biden was already aware that Hirsh Naftali was one of the buyers.

This revelation led us to another intriguing piece of information: Hirsh Naftali was a donor to Joe Biden’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee, and even hosted a 2022 fundraiser for Vice President Kamala Harris. Furthermore, she had private encounters with the White House at least 13 times, all of which occurred after the launch of Hunter Biden’s New York City art exhibition in November 2021.

By July 2022, Joe Biden had appointed Hirsh Naftali to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. While we can’t be entirely sure of any potential impropriety between Hirsh Naftali and the Biden White House (as neither party responded to Business Insider‘s queries), the situation appears to hint at a reciprocal relationship, especially considering previous White House claims.

As of October 2021, with what we now know about Hirsh Naftali, can we trust the assertion made by White House Press Secretary Psaki that the White House was unaware of the identities of those who purchased Hunter Biden’s art?

It was a plausible explanation at the time. Currently, this issue seems to have been handed off to someone else. We can only hope that Karine Jean-Pierre, who often makes Psaki appear as a master of public relations, won’t be able to deflect inquiries about this topic as smoothly. That is, of course, if any members of the White House press corps are bold enough to pose such questions.

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