Jack Smith Drops The Hammer On Trump In Protective Order Response

 Jack Smith Drops The Hammer On Trump In Protective Order Response

Doug Mills/The New York Times

Jack Smith identified and criticized what he perceived as Trump’s intention to shift the focus of the 1/6 case to the media rather than address it within the courtroom framework.

The special counsel’s protective order response began with the following: “The main aim of criminal discovery is to equip the defendant with the required materials for a fair trial.

The Government has suggested a protective order that aligns with the current practice in this District. In contrast, the defendant’s proposition seems inclined to shift the trial’s narrative to the media.

For the sake of witness privacy and maintaining the proceedings’ integrity, the Court should adopt the Government’s protective order proposal.”

This response alludes to the Trump legal team’s endeavor to make public the evidence gathered against the former president.

By revealing informant identities and potential testimonies to the special counsel/DOJ, critics argue this could enable Trump to possibly influence or intimidate witnesses.

The Special Counsel opined that Trump’s primary objective is to transform the case into a media spectacle rather than letting it undergo proper judicial procedures.

It seems unlikely that Trump will be granted his desired protective order, and there’s skepticism about the judge allotting a hearing on this issue.

Jack Smith demonstrated resilience by highlighting and challenging the strategies adopted by Trump and his legal advisors.

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