Trump Camp Alleges Conspiracy Theory of DeSantis and Jack Smith Colluding Against Trump

 Trump Camp Alleges Conspiracy Theory of DeSantis and Jack Smith Colluding Against Trump

Photos by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images and Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images.

Recent developments in Trump’s circle have sparked a new conspiracy theory, alleging that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is collaborating with Special Counsel Jack Smith to thwart Donald Trump’s chances of returning to the presidency.

In July, Trump’s campaign released a statement claiming an “unholy alliance” between DeSantis and the Justice Department. The campaign highlighted an admission by a prominent DeSantis fundraiser that their strategy heavily relies on continuous legal actions against Trump by “radical leftist prosecutors.”

This theory gained further momentum through Laura Loomer, a staunch Trump supporter and critic of both Republican and Democratic adversaries. On Tuesday, she claimed that DeSantis and his presidential campaign team are actively working with Jack Smith to ensure Trump never holds the presidency again. She pointed to the recent Iowa Caucus results, where Trump overwhelmingly outperformed DeSantis, as evidence of DeSantis’ alleged ulterior motives, according to a report by Raw Story on Tuesday, January 16, 2024.

Loomer further accused top advisors to DeSantis of previously admitting to a strategy that benefits from the ongoing legal challenges faced by Trump. She suggested that DeSantis and his team are eagerly anticipating Trump’s potential imprisonment or worse, ahead of the 2024 Presidential election. She also noted DeSantis’ background as a federal prosecutor, implying his connections to those now pursuing Trump legally.

Additionally, Loomer inferred that Nikki Haley’s comment about the presidential race being a two-person contest and Chris Christie’s hot mic incident were orchestrated events, part of a larger scheme involving Jack Smith.

Support for this theory was somewhat echoed by Ron Filipkowski, a former federal prosecutor, during an MSNBC appearance on Tuesday. Filipkowski suggested that DeSantis is counting on legal troubles, possibly including criminal convictions, to eliminate Trump from the 2024 race.

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