Jack Smith Claims Trump Aims to Bias the Jury Selection to the Judge

 Jack Smith Claims Trump Aims to Bias the Jury Selection to the Judge


Special Counsel Jack Smith informed Judge Chutkan that Trump’s actions could potentially bias the jury in his Washington, DC trial.

In a recent court motion, Smith and federal prosecutors highlighted concerns about Trump’s proposal, which they believe would slow down the litigation process significantly.

They noted, “Such a requirement would halt the progress of this case, especially with the urgent issues at hand, including Trump’s daily public remarks that may sway the jury.” They referred to documentation to stress their point.

The essence of the argument from Smith and the DOJ is that the longer Trump is given, the higher the chance he has to influence the jury, primarily through his public appearances and online posts.

Although placing a gag order on a presidential candidate in the middle of a primary could be challenging, Smith reminds the court that significant fines and sanctions have previously curbed Trump’s rhetoric. The underlying claim is that Trump might be exploiting his campaign stage to meddle with witness testimonies and influence potential jurors.

Jack Smith is keenly aware of Trump’s tactics and is bringing them to the court’s attention, urging preventive measures.

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