Is Trump Taking This Election Seriously?

 Is Trump Taking This Election Seriously?

(Evan Vucci/AP)

Despite appreciating Trump’s achievements during his presidency—like securing the border, energizing the economy, and establishing significant peace deals—it’s hard not to observe the noticeable shift in his behavior in recent years, especially in his current presidential campaign.

In the past, Trump prioritized national objectives. However, his recent actions, including personal attacks on fellow Republicans and attention-diverting strategies, display a more divisive approach. For instance, rather than participating in the recent GOP primary debate, Trump scheduled an interview simultaneously to detract attention from other candidates, mainly Ron DeSantis.

This focus on DeSantis reached a point where Trump’s campaign released a “DeSanctimonious Debate Night Bingo” card. While meant as a humorous tool, the card is both immature and misrepresentative. For instance, suggesting DeSantis supports slavery or is a fan of wokeness lacks any factual base.

Such strategies from Trump’s campaign feel less like a presidential race and more like high school politics. While Trump currently leads in the polls and might secure the Republican nomination, his tactics indicate a shift from representing the Republican Party’s ideals to merely promoting personal interests. This could potentially provide Democrats with an easier path in the upcoming elections.

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