Trump Reveals Alleged Illicit Deals Involving Joe Biden and His Son

 Trump Reveals Alleged Illicit Deals Involving Joe Biden and His Son

Pic: Reuters

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday renewed his attacks on President Joe Biden and his family, alleging that they were influenced by foreign money and calling Biden a “compromised president.”

Appearing at a town hall event with Fox News‘s Sean Hannity, Trump pointed to a litany of alleged illicit deals involving Biden or his son Hunter, involving foreign countries such as Russia, China, and Ukraine.

“So Russia’s giving them massive amounts of money, Ukraine’s giving them massive amounts of money, and China’s giving them massive amounts of money, and then there are many other countries also,” he said.

“It’s horrible,” Trump continued. “They’re compromised. Joe Biden is a compromised president.”

Trump’s remarks come amid scrutiny of a federal case against first son Hunter Biden in which multiple agents on the case have come forward to contend that the Department of Justice acted improperly and that Biden’s political appointees stifled the worst of the charges.

It further comes as House investigators pursue allegations related to an alleged bribery scheme in which an executive with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma hired Hunter Biden to serve on the company’s board and paid him and another Biden $5 million each to use then-Vice President Biden’s influence to quash an investigation into the firm.

Biden has denied any wrongdoing, and there is no evidence that he was directly involved in any of the alleged deals.

However, the allegations have dogged him throughout his presidency, and Trump has repeatedly used them to attack him.

It is unclear what impact Trump’s latest attacks will have on Biden.

However, they are likely to further fuel the partisan divide in Washington, D.C., and could make it more difficult for Biden to advance his agenda.

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