Hunter Biden and Wife Blasted as ‘Horrible Tenants’ for What They Did to $4.2M Rental

 Hunter Biden and Wife Blasted as ‘Horrible Tenants’ for What They Did to $4.2M Rental

Photo Courtesy: Bloomberg

Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, has added another less-than-flattering descriptor to his public persona: “terrible tenant,” according to a recent report by the UK Daily Mail.

The British publication, which has a substantial digital footprint in the US, disclosed on Wednesday that the younger Biden had been a troublesome tenant at a pricey Venice Beach, California, residence, where he allegedly failed to pay rent and left the property in poor condition after a brief stay.

The report stated that Hunter Biden, along with his wife Melissa and their young son Beau, moved into the property in February 2021 and vacated approximately six months later for their current residence in Malibu.

According to a source cited by the Daily Mail, “Hunter and Melissa were horrible tenants. They didn’t pay rent for several months, and they left the house in a poor state.” The source added, “Melissa was rude and entitled. They damaged the stereo equipment in the house and were uncooperative when someone came to repair it. They also left the place dirty.”

The story is based solely on unnamed sources, so the accuracy is up to the readers’ discretion. However, considering Hunter’s publicly known history – including a discharge from the Navy for drug use, documented footage showing inappropriate behavior, and suspected exploitation of his connection to his father for personal gain – the possibility of him being a negligent tenant is not entirely out of the question.

According to a report in The Atlantic, The property in question, which was rented for $25,000 per month, was sold for $3.9 million in March 2022 and is currently valued at $4.2 million. During Biden’s lease, the owner was Jonathan Neman, co-founder of the fast-casual food chain Sweetgreen, who, according to the Daily Mail, did not wish to take Hunter to court over the unpaid rent.

While it may have been an embarrassing episode for Neman, Hunter Biden, who has lived a controversial life under the spotlight of his father’s political career, likely considers it a minor inconvenience amidst his other more publicized issues. Despite his endeavors in the art world, his reputation is primarily marked by national controversy. If the allegations are true, being a “terrible tenant” may be one of his lesser concerns.

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