Hunter Biden’s Gun Plea Deal Unraveled Allegedly Under Trump’s Influence, Lawyers Claim

 Hunter Biden’s Gun Plea Deal Unraveled Allegedly Under Trump’s Influence, Lawyers Claim

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The legal team representing Hunter Biden is making a concerted effort to have the gun case against their client dismissed, arguing that undue pressure exerted by far-right factions and ex-President Donald Trump influenced prosecutors who were initially open to negotiating a settlement.

In a recent submission to the federal court of Delaware, where Hunter Biden is charged with making false statements about his drug use on a firearm purchase form, his attorneys allege that the case spearheaded by special counsel David Weiss has been compromised by political agendas. This shift in prosecutorial stance came after a plea agreement was nearly finalized last year.

Hunter Biden’s legal representatives claim that the breakdown of the plea deal was a direct consequence of vehement criticism from Trump, certain members of the Republican party in the House, and conservative media outlets, all of whom sought to politicize Biden’s legal challenges in the lead-up to the forthcoming presidential election.

According to them, this external pressure led to the abrupt termination of the agreement and the subsequent escalation of legal actions against Biden. Originally, the arrangement would have allowed the younger Biden, aged 53, to admit to two instances of deliberately failing to pay federal income tax while complying with specific legal conditions, reports the messenger.

However, following the collapse of this deal in July, Weiss proceeded to levy three firearms-related charges against Biden in Delaware and an additional nine tax-related charges in California. The defense argues that these charges are not only unfounded but are also a product of the politicized environment surrounding Hunter Biden, primarily due to his father’s role as Trump’s main rival in the 2024 presidential race.

They contend that the charges were levied for unconstitutional and politically motivated reasons, aiming to undermine President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign by targeting his son. The filing emphasizes the point that the legal proceedings against Hunter Biden would have concluded differently if not for the political pressure that swayed the prosecution to adopt a more severe stance.

The defense highlights that Weiss had initially sought to resolve the matter through a Diversion Agreement and a Plea Agreement, suggesting a less punitive approach before succumbing to the intense scrutiny and criticism from political adversaries.

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