Hunter Biden’s Secret Art World Connections Exposed, Defying White House ‘Ethics’ Claims, Dealer Spills the Beans

 Hunter Biden’s Secret Art World Connections Exposed, Defying White House ‘Ethics’ Claims, Dealer Spills the Beans

Photo courtesy of the artist

The New York art dealer handling Hunter Biden’s artwork, Georges Bergès, disclosed to House impeachment investigators that several Democratic donors have been among the top purchasers of Biden’s pieces. Bergès operates a gallery in New York that has featured Hunter Biden’s art.

In his testimony, Bergès revealed that buyers included Democratic donors Kevin Morris and Elizabeth Hirsch Naftali. Morris, a lawyer and close friend of Hunter Biden, was reported to have contributed significantly to the sales. Despite these revelations, Bergès asserted that he did not intentionally target Democratic donors and that most buyers were not politically affiliated.

House Republicans have been closely monitoring Hunter Biden’s art career, integrating this inquiry into their broader investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings. However, there has been no evidence suggesting President Joe Biden’s involvement or benefit from these ventures.

Representative Jamie Raskin, D-Md., emphasized that Bergès confirmed no wrongdoing by President Biden. Raskin stated that Hunter Biden’s art sales were legitimate and unrelated to the President’s role.

The sale of Hunter Biden’s art has been a point of contention, particularly following reports of significant purchases by Democratic donors. Republicans have raised ethical concerns, suggesting potential influence peddling, a claim contested by the buyers’ representatives.

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki clarified in 2021 that the White House had no role in the ethical arrangements related to these art sales.

This latest development in the investigation into Hunter Biden’s art dealings comes as House committees consider resolutions to hold him in contempt of Congress for not complying with a subpoena for a private interview. Hunter Biden’s legal team has indicated a willingness for a public hearing but has resisted a private deposition.

The unfolding situation continues to draw attention to Hunter Biden, with implications for the larger political narrative surrounding the Biden family.

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