Hunter Biden Lied to Judge About His Status As a Practicing Attorney

 Hunter Biden Lied to Judge About His Status As a Practicing Attorney


The negotiation for a plea deal for Hunter Biden regarding tax and gun charges fell through last Wednesday, with further details emerging about the proceedings. According to exclusive reporting from the Daily Mail on Monday, U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika questioned Hunter Biden about his status as a member of the bar in Connecticut and the District of Columbia. Despite his affirmation, it was later found that his license was suspended in Connecticut over two years ago.

Reports indicate that his status was suspended due to failing to pay annual fees of $75 since 2018, leading to a “currently not in good standing” classification, as cited by a Judicial Branch spokesperson. Following the inquiry about his bar membership, the conversation moved on, as depicted in the Daily Mail’s records.

The relevant transcript was also tweeted out by Trending Politics’ Collin Rugg on Monday, highlighting the ongoing difficulties for Hunter Biden.

In an interview with, Rennie, a former Connecticut state legislator, called Hunter’s statement to the judge ‘extraordinary’ adding that he ‘misled the court’.

‘I’m careful about using the word ‘lie’ because I don’t know what was in his head. But he certainly should have known better,’ he said.

‘A lawyer who is asked under oath where he is admitted to practice and does not include in his response that he is suspended from practice in one of them has misled the court.

‘He did not give her an answer that, I think most judges would see under these circumstances, was in good faith. It omitted crucial facts.

‘Clearly he thought he was admitted to the practice in Connecticut. He ought to know, after 26 years, that certain obligations come with that. And they are by no means onerous.

His State of Connecticut Judicial Branch online record says Hunter was admitted to the state bar in April 1997.

The discrepancy was initially discovered by former state Sen. Kevin Rennie, who now works as a lawyer and columnist. Rennie, who identifies as an “unaffiliated voter” and voted for President Joe Biden, informed the Daily Mail about his findings.

Judge Noreika also faced other issues with Hunter Biden and his legal team. Prior to the plea deal’s collapse, she considered imposing sanctions on the legal team after accusations of misleading the court to redact a brief from House Committee on Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO). The legal team defended this action, arguing it was a “misunderstanding” and no misrepresentation took place.

Rennie said Hunter would have received several requests each year to pay his mandatory state bar fees, as well as reminders about his requirement to do 12 hours of legal education each year, which he appears to have ignored.

On March 16, 2021 Hunter had an ‘administrative suspension for failure to pay the Client Security Fund fee’, his Connecticut bar records say.

This was repeated on November 30 that year, and again on June 14 last year.

Hunter’s bar registration for Washington, D.C. says he is currently in good standing.

Connecticut Judicial Branch spokesperson Melissa Farley said the First Son ‘is currently not in good standing due to Attorney Biden’s failure to register or comply with the Statewide Grievance Committee’s [Minimum Continuing Legal Education] requirement since 2018…and to pay the Client Security Fund fee for 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.’

‘It’s only $75,’ Rennie told ‘The Judicial Branch, they’re very good about reminding people that they need to pay by June 15. So I was surprised.

‘I was also surprised that given what we all assume he’s paying in legal fees, that someone at the law firm representing him would have just checked the box to make sure everything was as it should be – such as ‘You paid the $75, didn’t you?’

‘They should have anticipated those basic biographical questions you’re going to be asked by a judge, especially when the intention was to enter a guilty plea.

‘It’s careless, not paying attention. I suppose that’s not a surprise given his history, which he’s certainly emphasizing in this proceeding.’

Rennie, 64, said the $75 annual fee helps pay for a fund for victims of attorney fraud.

Further reports suggest that Hunter Biden and his attorneys showed a lack of respect towards Judge Noreika and the court process, with sources noting that they were seemingly frustrated with her.

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