U.S. Attorneys Testify on Authority Over Hunter Biden Investigation

 U.S. Attorneys Testify on Authority Over Hunter Biden Investigation

Photo Courtesy: Bloomberg

On October 25, 2023, The Associated Press News reported that a second U.S. Attorney testified before Congress, emphasizing that David Weiss, the Delaware U.S. Attorney overseeing the Hunter Biden investigation, possessed complete authority to file charges.

This account challenges whistleblower allegations suggesting Weiss lacked the final authority regarding the case against the president’s son. IRS agents, testifying in a GOP-led investigation, had previously alleged that Weiss was obstructed from levying tax charges in California and Washington D.C., accusing the Justice Department of mishandling the case.

However, Martin Estrada, the U.S. Attorney for Los Angeles, countered these claims during his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. Estrada confirmed his understanding that Weiss had the requisite authority to press charges. While Estrada had provided logistical assistance, he clarified he had not obstructed Weiss in any capacity.

Matthew Graves, the U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C., echoed this sentiment in his testimony the previous week. He acknowledged offering logistical support to Weiss, emphasizing that he did not block any of Weiss’s actions.

Yet, legal representatives for IRS Agent Joseph Ziegler argue that the refusal to partner with Weiss was tantamount to obstructing his authority outside his district. Additionally, lawyers for supervisory special agent Gary Shapley posited that U.S. Attorneys appointed by President Biden might have a potential conflict of interest.

David Weiss himself has communicated in written form that he had complete control over the case. Weiss is slated to provide his testimony on November 7, which, although conducted privately, is an unprecedented move. The Justice Department underscores the importance of this session to rectify any misconceptions about the case.

The prolonged five-year probe into Hunter Biden was anticipated to culminate in a plea agreement over the summer. Nevertheless, complications arose during a July plea hearing. Presently, Weiss has charged Hunter Biden with three firearms-related felonies from a 2018 incident. To date, no new tax-related charges have emerged.

The case against Hunter Biden has faced scrutiny from Republican factions, deeming it overly lenient. Consequently, the Biden administration has been thrust into an impeachment inquiry spotlight due to Hunter Biden’s business engagements and the Justice Department’s approach to the case.

As testimonies and inquiries persist, they progressively unravel the details of this prominent case.

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