Hunter Biden Denies Father’s Involvement in Business Amid Impeachment Inquiry

 Hunter Biden Denies Father’s Involvement in Business Amid Impeachment Inquiry

Hunter Biden (DNCC handout via Getty Images)

During a high-stakes impeachment inquiry, Hunter Biden appeared before the House Oversight and Judiciary committees, forcefully rejecting any claims that his father, President Joe Biden, was involved in his business activities. On Wednesday, February 28, Hunter Biden criticized House Republicans for what he described as a biased political endeavor, asserting that no evidence had been presented to implicate his father.

In his opening remarks, as noted by Fox News Digital, Hunter Biden stated, “I did not involve my father in my business,” highlighting this point as an undeniable truth. He went on to condemn the intense scrutiny from House Republicans as a desperate attempt to validate unfounded allegations.

Hunter Biden argued that the charges against his father were grounded in speculation, exaggeration, and sensationalism, claiming, “You do not have evidence to support the unfounded and MAGA-driven theories about my father because such evidence does not exist.” During his testimony, he reflected on his missteps, admitting to his failures while distinguishing them from his father’s lifelong commitment to public service and efforts to improve the nation.

Acknowledging his father’s support throughout his struggles with addiction, Hunter Biden emphasized the pivotal role of President Biden’s love in his recovery journey. He also criticized previous witnesses, including Tony Bobulinski and Jason Galanis, who had testified in the impeachment inquiry, accusing them of spreading falsehoods and questioning their integrity.

Hunter Biden called on the committees to assess the actual evidence available in banking records, financial statements, and witness accounts, which he argued have been manipulated by his adversaries, particularly Republicans, to falsely implicate him. He expressed his frustration with what he sees as a groundless and harmful political spectacle, accusing Republicans of distorting his communications, relying on tampered documents, and selectively using financial and other records to misrepresent the truth.

In his concluding remarks, Hunter Biden expressed hope that his testimony would put an end to the “sham impeachment inquiry.” He criticized House Republicans for diverting attention and resources away from the nation’s pressing issues to pursue a politically charged attack.

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