Hillary Clinton Unveils New Hat To Mock Donald Trump’s Document Shredding

 Hillary Clinton Unveils New Hat To Mock Donald Trump’s Document Shredding

Photo: Hillary Clinton/Twitter

Recent reports that Donald Trump “never stopped ripping” up documents while president, flushed some down the toilet, and escaped with at least 15 boxes of White House papers (including classified pages) when he left office urged Hillary Clinton to tip her new, hilarious hat while trolling her old rival.

In an Instagram post and tweet on Friday, Clinton highlighted the latest merchandise available from her nonprofit Onward Together, a cap with the phrase “But Her Emails.”

They’re described as “black unstructured dad hats” that are union-made in America.

The most important element is the phrase, which is frequently used to respond against Trump’s ever-emerging eye-popping behavior as president. Yet, while campaigning against Clinton, he acted positively outraged about her history of sending emails through a private service while she was Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

Because of the emails, he still has fans chanting “Lock her up!” Following extensive investigations, she was found not to have committed any wrongdoing.

Clinton wrote on Instagram that the new hats were being offered “just in time for Galentine’s Day, and the news that Trump was flushing documents down White House toilets.” (Galentine’s Day is a made-up holiday popularized in NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.”)

On Saturday, the black versions of the hats were already sold out.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) attempted to humiliate Clinton over the hats, wrote, “This is just sad.” Twitter users, on the other hand, were not having it.

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