George Conway Slams Trump With All-Too-Blunt Prison Prediction: “Rest of his Life in Jail”

 George Conway Slams Trump With All-Too-Blunt Prison Prediction: “Rest of his Life in Jail”

Photo courtesy by cnn

Conservative attorney George Conway isn’t betting on Donald Trump’s future White House aspirations. Instead, he predicts a much less glamorous destination: prison.

“Trump will spend the rest of his life in jail,” Conway declared in a recent YouTube video. “It may take a while, but justice has a habit of catching up. And when it does, he’ll be behind bars for good.”

This stark prediction comes amidst Trump’s ongoing legal battles, including his fight against prosecution in the Jan. 6th Capitol riot case. In this battle, Trump claims “absolute immunity” for presidential actions, a claim Conway calls “completely insane.”

Conway points to a recent court hearing where a judge swiftly dismantled this argument, highlighting its absurd implications. “If Trump really had absolute immunity, could he order the assassination of a political rival?” the judge asked, forcing Trump’s attorney to concede that even such an extreme act wouldn’t be immune from prosecution without prior impeachment and conviction.

Based on this and other legal developments, Conway predicts Trump will lose the immunity argument and face trial on March 4th for election interference. He sees this as inevitable, barring Supreme Court intervention.

It’s worth noting that Conway has voiced similar opinions before, declaring in September that potential sentences in various legal cases make “it beyond question that Trump should spend the rest of his life in prison.” Now, he doubles down on that prediction, making his stance crystal clear.

Whether Conway’s prophecy comes true remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure: his blunt prediction adds another layer of intrigue to the already complex legal saga surrounding the former president.

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