Former Trump Officials Issue Stark Warning About His Potential Return to Presidency

 Former Trump Officials Issue Stark Warning About His Potential Return to Presidency

Brendan McDermid-Pool/Getty

Three ex-officials from the Trump administration, known for their outspoken criticism following the January 6, 2021, Capitol attack, have come together in a joint interview to express grave concerns about the potential risks to democracy should Donald Trump be reelected.

In a conversation with ABC News‘s Jonathan Karl, Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former White House Communications Director, Sarah Matthews, ex-deputy press secretary, and Cassidy Hutchinson, a former White House aide, discussed their cooperation with the January 6 select committee and their deep worries about the future of American democracy.

Hutchinson highlighted the upcoming election as crucial for the protection of the nation’s institutions and constitutional republic. She cautioned that the nation’s failure could set a dangerous precedent, suggesting that democracy itself is at risk.

Griffin starkly stated that a second term for Trump could spell the end of American democracy as it is known. She referred to Trump’s previous attempts to overturn a democratic election, portraying him as someone ready to break all norms to gain and maintain power.

Matthews pointed out that Trump’s ambition to regain office has intensified, with his rhetoric becoming more erratic. She raised concerns about his threats to dismantle parts of the Constitution, use the Justice Department to his advantage, and retaliate against political adversaries.

Highlighting Trump’s unwavering stance on the 2020 election’s legitimacy, Matthews expressed alarm at his continued insistence on electoral fraud.

Hutchinson, who previously delivered impactful testimony to the House panel investigating the January 6 events, referred to Trump’s recent Fox News town hall with Sean Hannity. In this interview, Trump did not outright dismiss reports that he might assume dictatorial powers if he returned to office, raising further alarms about his intentions and potential actions.

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