Why is it forbidden to question the 2020 election?

 Why is it forbidden to question the 2020 election?

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As Twitchy reported earlier, law professor Jonathan Turley says Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis “appears to have elected to charge everything and everyone and let God sort them out.”

Conspiracy now turns out to include asking for phone numbers or asking people to watch TV. Holding meetings and sending emails? It’s all part of Donald Trump’s attempt to overthrow the election in Georgia.

I, personally, believe that Joe Biden won the 2020 election. Do I think some shenanigans were going on to “fortify” that victory? Absolutely. But I was promised “The Kraken” and it never showed up. Besides, Trump wasn’t just running against Biden but against the mainstream media, who had dedicated themselves to making his victory illegitimate by implicating the Russians.

Also, I think that lent to “Trump fatigue”. After the relentless hammering of Russian collusion and the Steele dossier, I believe a lot of independents just wanted to get back to “normal,” and they considered Biden as normal as they get.

Our own Katie Pavlich has written about the topics we’re not allowed to write about if we don’t want to get demonetized. Those include the 2020 election.

And here’s where one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen comes in. Remember that after 2016, which was corrupted by Russian Facebook memes and disinformation, and bots, CBS News White House correspondent Major Garrett published a book last September calling the 2020 election “the greatest success of American democracy in history.”

He said that. Biden won, so obviously, there was no voter suppression, foreign influence, ballot dumps, or burst pipes. And that’s the attitude of Democrats and the media (and Big Tech): the 2020 election was perfectly fair with no deficiencies. Amazing how we could have gotten there from 2016 when Russians were dictating everything.

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