Federal Judge Sides with Trump, Delivering Win in DC Election Battle!

 Federal Judge Sides with Trump, Delivering Win in DC Election Battle!

Photo: Associated Press (AP)

In a twist of events, U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan just rocked the boat on former President Donald Trump’s upcoming 2024 federal election obstruction case.

While Trump’s lawyers just celebrated a mini-win with Judge Chutkan allowing them a bit more time to cook up their defense, it’s not all roses. They had asked for a whopping 60 days, but the Judge wasn’t having it! She clipped that request down, giving them until October 23, highlighting the case’s pressing nature.

A scoop from The Epoch Times on October 10 had everyone buzzing about this unexpected decision, triggered by Special Counsel Jack Smith’s charges against Trump.

But wait, there’s more! Judge Chutkan also shot down Trump’s plea to unveil certain classified government court filings to the public’s hungry eyes. She emphasized her concerns about dragging the case with lengthy extensions, much to the chagrin of Trump’s defense.

The drama unfolded when Trump’s legal eagles claimed they were in a tight spot, needing more time to comb through some top-secret evidence. But there’s a catch – some of them don’t even have the security clearance to peek at these documents!

While Trump’s team is pushing for a fair chance to argue their side, federal prosecutors aren’t holding back. They’re accusing Trump’s lawyers of playing the delay game, emphasizing that the so-called “classified” info isn’t as hefty as they’re making it out to be.

While this nail-biter unfolds, remember the main event – the trial is still on track for March 2024. With the courtroom drama set to continue on October 16, Trump’s also dancing the legal tango in Georgia, NYC, and Florida. And yes, he’s pleading not guilty across the board! Stay tuned, because this rollercoaster isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

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