Far-Left Activists Slam Superspreader AOC for Donating to Corporate Shills

 Far-Left Activists Slam Superspreader AOC for Donating to Corporate Shills

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez / Photo by cornstalker (CC)

Establishment Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., was mocked by a leftist, as the career politician abandons her former values, the Political Insider reported.

AOC recently donated campaign funds to corporate-backed hacks in the Democrat party in order to further cement her position.

According to far-left Paula Jean Swearengin, AOC has betrayed her former principles.

“People that did give her their lunch money — that did work hard for her… she turned it around at gave it to people she’s supposed to fight against,” she added.

AOC apparently operates her campaign finance as a banker, taking money from the poor and donating to the ultra-wealthy.

Swearengin suggested that AOC’s betrayal is indicative of a larger failure among Progressives.

“I think that the progressive label has been co-opted by a lot of these corporate candidates,” she claimed.

The far left’s recently exposed partnership with Big Pharma and international banking — two industries working in concert — indicates that Swearingin is correct.

The party’s lockstep response to the Coronavirus has also suggested that they are all willing to do and say the same things when a chance to grab political power presents itself.

AOC has seen her share of criticism from both sides of the aisle in recent months.

She was recently photographed partying in Miami maskless, and soon thereafter tested positive for the Coronavirus, indicating that she is a super spreader.

Of course, AOC ignored the matter, instead psychoanalyzing Republicans for mocking her lame boyfriend.

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