Mike Roman Takes Legal Action Against Fani Willis Over Record Withholding Claims in Georgia Election Case

 Mike Roman Takes Legal Action Against Fani Willis Over Record Withholding Claims in Georgia Election Case

Ben Gray/AP

Mike Roman, a Republican figure entangled in the Georgia election racketeering case alongside former President Donald Trump, has initiated legal action against the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office. In his lawsuit, Roman levels serious accusations against Fani Willis, the leading prosecutor, and her team, alleging that they have engaged in deliberate acts of withholding crucial records, thereby breaching state transparency laws.

The crux of Roman’s legal challenge lies in his urgent request for specific documents, which he deems essential in the lead-up to a significant hearing. This upcoming legal proceeding aims to address Roman’s motion to disqualify Willis from continuing as the prosecutor in this high-profile case.

The suit was first reported by Lawfare’s Anna Bower. It does not name Willis individually as a defendant.

“As shown more fully below, FCDA is in clear violation of the Act, appears to be intentionally withholding information in advance of scheduled evidentiary hearings in two separate proceedings, and has forced Plaintiff to take action through this filing to obtain relief,” said the suit. “These are not the efforts of an agency that values ‘transparency’, and Plaintiff requests that the Court grant the relief requested herein, and find that FCDA must permit inspection and/or copying of numerous categories of documents that still have not been made available to Plaintiff. It is evident that FCDA has withheld the records without substantial justification.”

The charges laid out in this case accuse Trump, along with a group exceeding a dozen individuals linked to the Republican Party and its legal cadre, of orchestrating a sophisticated scheme akin to an organized crime syndicate. The alleged goal of this operation was to obstruct the official certification of the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia.

Further complicating the narrative, Roman’s legal representative has brought to light allegations of a personal nature against Willis, suggesting a romantic entanglement between her and Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor brought on board for this very case. These allegations are buttressed by claims of extravagant expenditures by Wade on joint vacations for the duo, with evidence purportedly stemming from financial disclosures unearthed during Wade’s divorce proceedings.

In defense of her professional decisions, Willis has articulated her rationale for enlisting Wade’s services for the case. She points to his background as a defense attorney and his tenure as a municipal judge, despite acknowledging his limited experience in the prosecutorial domain.

This legal skirmish and the allegations of personal misconduct introduce a layer of complexity and contention to an already convoluted case, raising questions about professional ethics, legal strategies, and the intricate interplay between personal relationships and official duties within the legal framework.

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