Ex-Republicans Release Bombshell Ad Exposing Trump’s Unbelievable Odor Issue

 Ex-Republicans Release Bombshell Ad Exposing Trump’s Unbelievable Odor Issue

Photo: Manuel Balce Centa/AP

The social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, is currently abuzz with the trending hashtags #TrumpSmells and #TrumpStinks, focusing on former President Donald Trump. The trend seems to have originated from a remark by Adam Kinzinger, a former Republican representative, who made a comment about Trump’s alleged poor hygiene.

Kinzinger, in a post on X, suggested that people might want to “wear a mask” around the former President due to his distinct body odor. “It’s truly something to behold,” Kinzinger wrote. His post quickly went viral, leading to the trending hashtag #TrumpSmells, which has become the number one topic on the platform.

Social media users have been sharing content related to this topic, including photos of people near Donald Trump appearing uncomfortable, presumably due to an unpleasant smell. Additionally, a podcast episode featuring comedian Kathy Griffin, where she commented on Trump’s smell as a mix of body odor and scented makeup products, has resurfaced and gained attention.

In a more serious vein, Donald Trump is currently involved in a significant legal matter, facing a $250 million civil lawsuit. He and his sons are accused of fraudulent practices to inflate Trump’s net worth for more favorable loan terms. Moreover, a recent majority ruling in Colorado has barred Trump’s name from appearing on the state’s presidential primary ballot, citing Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

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