Eric Trump Faces Backlash for Claims About Donald Trump’s Court Appearances and Fundraising

 Eric Trump Faces Backlash for Claims About Donald Trump’s Court Appearances and Fundraising

(Shannon Stapleton/Pool Photo via AP)

Eric Trump, son of former President Donald Trump, recently found himself at the center of criticism after a statement he made on television. During an interview with Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, he was asked about the logistical challenges posed by his father’s upcoming hush money trial. Kilmeade highlighted the extensive time Donald Trump would need to spend in a New York courtroom—potentially six to eight weeks, from Monday through Thursday each week, for eight to ten hours each day.

This commitment could significantly impede his presidential campaign. In response, Eric Trump claimed, “Every single time he walks into a courtroom, millions and millions of dollars flow in because the American people know exactly what’s happening to him”, per Raw Story

This assertion was met with skepticism and ridicule on social media. Users on platform X swiftly countered his statements with remarks reflecting a very different perspective. One user questioned the validity of Eric’s claim, noting, “Does he though? Seems the last time he was in a courtroom he lost 450 million.” Others pointed out the financial losses associated with such legal battles, with comments like, “No he loses millions. Fixed it for ya,” and “Yes, and every time he opens his mouth, millions more in judgments appear.”

The conversation on X also delved into the various ways Donald Trump has been raising funds, including selling merchandise such as trading cards and bibles. One user sarcastically remarked, “Sure @EricTrump, that’s why he’s hawking trading cards, flimsy gold-painted sneakers, and bibles.”

Critics also questioned the former president’s efforts to evade accountability, particularly concerning the payoff to Stormy Daniels. “Ok, Eric. Then why is he trying so hard to avoid accountability on Stormy Daniel’s payoff?” one user asked. Another chimed in, “Then why can’t he post his bond? With his own money. You think you’re helping, but you may want to keep your mouth shut. Actually, no.. please, keep talking. Tell us all about it…”

Amidst the jibes about financial losses and court appearances, some comments touched on the broader implications of the trial, suggesting the potential for serious consequences. “Maybe, but there are many millionaires and billionaires serving life in prison for their crimes, and your Dad will be just another one of them,” pointed out a user. Another asked, “If that is true, why is Trump doing everything he possibly can to NOT have to walk into a courtroom?”

The interview continued with Eric Trump lashing out at perceived conflicts of interest within the judiciary. He accused the daughter of the judge overseeing the hush money case of profiting from the situation due to her connections to significant Democratic donors, who had reportedly contributed at least $93 million to their campaigns.

Eric claimed, “And you have a judge who has a family member who literally profits off of these cases… She was making millions and millions off of these cases… whose Twitter profile is literally my father behind bars, and that’s what New York has become.” This comment aimed to highlight what he sees as a biased legal system against his father, stirring further controversy around the high-profile case.

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