“My Father Built the Skyline of New York City” Eric Trump Criticizes New York Legal System Following Financial Fraud Ruling Against Family

 “My Father Built the Skyline of New York City” Eric Trump Criticizes New York Legal System Following Financial Fraud Ruling Against Family

(Shannon Stapleton/Pool Photo via AP)

In a landmark ruling, a judge in New York has mandated that Donald Trump, his eldest sons, and close associates compensate more than $350 million, along with accrued pre-judgment interest, for their involvement in a long-standing financial fraud scheme. The verdict has sparked a flurry of criticism from Eric Trump, who took to the airwaves to express his dissatisfaction with New York Attorney General Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron, the presiding judge in the case, as reported by Mediaite.

This critique was voiced on a recent broadcast of The Ingraham Angle, where Eric Trump vehemently condemned the actions of James, who he claimed had a preconceived agenda against his father that was evident from her campaign promises and fundraising efforts.

During his conversation with Jeanine Pirro, who was guest hosting the show, Eric Trump argued that the legal environment in New York was inherently biased against his family, stating, “We didn’t have a chance in New York because it’s a rigged system.” He praised the Trump Organization’s real estate prowess, asserting the unparalleled professionalism and success of their business, which he believes stands in stark contrast to the declining state of New York, a city he claims is losing its residents and businesses at an alarming rate.

Eric Trump further lamented the perceived ingratitude of New York towards his father, crediting him with shaping the city’s iconic skyline and contributing significantly to its economy through hefty tax payments. “My father built the skyline of New York City – and this is the thanks he gets?!” he exclaimed, highlighting the paradox of being penalized despite the financial benefits their company allegedly brought to the city. He assured that they would seek to overturn the ruling through an appeal, expressing confidence in rectifying what he sees as a gross miscarriage of justice.

The three-month-long trial was punctuated by intense moments and confrontations, notably involving Donald Trump’s direct criticisms of Judge Engoron. These interactions, often marked by Trump’s divergences into unrelated topics and his reluctance to directly address the questions posed to him were noted by Engoron as detrimental to Trump’s credibility, as outlined in The Guardian’s coverage of the trial.

In response to the verdict, Donald Trump took to social media to vehemently denounce the decision, the judge, and the prosecution, labeling the entire proceeding as a sham. He argued that the case lacked any real victims or damages, asserting that the financial statements in question were not only satisfactory but excluded the considerable value of the Trump brand.

This judgment marks a significant milestone in a legal saga that has unfolded over several years, with Attorney General James investigating the Trump family’s business activities since 2019. The implications of this ruling extend beyond the immediate financial penalties, posing potential long-term challenges for any Trump family member aspiring to lead their business empire in the future.

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