“I have never seen anything more rehearsed!” Eric Trump Violates Courtroom Phone Ban During Father’s Trial

 “I have never seen anything more rehearsed!” Eric Trump Violates Courtroom Phone Ban During Father’s Trial

(Shannon Stapleton/Pool Photo via AP)

Eric Trump was recently spotted using his cell phone in a Manhattan courtroom, defying a strict order from New York Justice Juan Merchan that prohibits the use of mobile devices during court proceedings. This incident occurred while Eric was seated behind his father, former President Donald Trump, during a high-profile case.

According to NBC News, Eric Trump was observed writing a message on the social media platform now known as X, formerly Twitter. This act of using his cell phone directly violated the courtroom’s rules set by Justice Merchan, who had explicitly forbidden any use of mobile devices within the courtroom to maintain decorum and prevent disruptions.

“I have never seen anything more rehearsed,” he said of Michael Cohen’s testimony. “The court does not allow anyone in the courtroom to use their cellphones during proceedings,” NBC News noted.

In addition to the ban on mobile devices, Justice Merchan had issued a stern directive to Donald Trump, instructing him not to make statements that could lead to discussions about potential witnesses in the case. This order was part of an effort to ensure that the proceedings would remain fair and impartial, free from any external influence or interference.

It remains unclear whether Eric Trump’s actions also breached this particular directive from the judge. The nature of his message and its contents have not been disclosed, leaving room for speculation about whether it could have had any bearing on the witness-related restrictions imposed by Justice Merchan.

The presence of the Trump family in the courtroom has attracted significant media attention, with many closely monitoring their behavior and compliance with the court’s rules. This latest incident involving Eric Trump adds to the scrutiny, raising questions about the respect for judicial orders and the potential implications of such actions.

Observers and legal analysts have noted that adherence to courtroom protocols is essential for the integrity of the legal process. Violations, even seemingly minor ones, can undermine the authority of the court and disrupt the proceedings. Eric Trump’s decision to use his cell phone, despite the explicit prohibition, underscores the ongoing tensions and the high stakes involved in this case.

As the case progresses, the court will likely keep a closer eye on compliance with its rules, particularly given the high-profile nature of the defendants involved. Any further breaches could lead to more stringent measures or sanctions, aimed at preserving the decorum and fairness of the trial.

This incident highlights the broader challenges faced by the judiciary in maintaining order and respect within the courtroom, especially in cases involving prominent figures with significant public followings. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding the rule of law and the protocols that govern the legal process, regardless of the individuals involved.

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