“My Son, Don, Has Absolutely NO FEAR”: Internet Reacts to Donald Trump Jr.’s Rattlesnake Encounter

 “My Son, Don, Has Absolutely NO FEAR”: Internet Reacts to Donald Trump Jr.’s Rattlesnake Encounter

Photo: Samuel Corum/Getty Images

The internet erupted in laughter when former President Donald Trump shared a photo on Tuesday night, proudly declaring that his son, Donald Trump Jr., fearlessly handled what appeared to be a dead rattlesnake. The younger Trump initially posted the image on Instagram, showing him in flip-flops, holding the venomous snake by the tail.

He captioned it: “Solid day on the river and off the river with my buddy @flyfishrich. We found super cool Timber Rattlesnake and moved it off the train tracks and back into the woods with his buddies.” The post included additional photos displaying the rattlesnake next to the train tracks, with both Trump Jr. and his fly fishing companion handling the snake by the tail. The background music for the post was “Nothin’ But A Good Time,” by Poison, adding a thematic touch to the snake encounter.

Donald Trump expressed his admiration on his Truth Social app, stating, “My son, Don, has absolutely NO FEAR — Not even of a vicious rattlesnake!” This boast, however, quickly became the subject of widespread mockery online. Critics joked about the snake’s docility, suggesting it might be dead, while others criticized Trump Jr.’s actions as “blatant stupidity.”

Social media users didn’t hold back, with comments ranging from humorous to downright sarcastic. One user, @Grizliz1, suggested, “Take him to Yellowstone so he can pet the fluffy cows,” while @BamaStephen hinted at a unique church welcome: “I’ve heard of some churches where Don Jr might be welcomed.”

Questions about the snake’s behavior were raised by @Dontfeartherea6: “Are rattlesnakes typically afraid of each other?” Meanwhile, @TrishaSamuels made a quip about emotional distance: “This is as close as he’ll ever get to a hug [cry laugh emoji].”

Another user, @LeahChamblee1, commented on the unlikely companionship, “I normally respect reptiles very much, but I’m definitely questioning this one’s judgment in the company he chooses to keep.” As the online community continued to poke fun at the situation, the incident highlighted how even a day out with nature could turn into a viral spectacle, especially when involving high-profile personalities like the Trumps.

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