Donald Trump’s Christmas Message Targets Political Opponents: ‘ROT IN HELL’

 Donald Trump’s Christmas Message Targets Political Opponents: ‘ROT IN HELL’

Photo: (AP/Reuters)

Ex-President Donald Trump unleashed a series of incendiary Christmas messages targeting his political adversaries, notably criticizing Jack Smith, the Justice Department special counsel overseeing two criminal cases against him. In a bold move on Truth Social, Trump conveyed his holiday greetings in an unconventional manner, focusing on figures like Smith and President Joe Biden.

Trump’s heated comments came shortly after the Supreme Court’s decision not to expedite consideration of his claim of presidential immunity in a 2020 election-related case. Despite facing charges in cases managed by Smith, Trump maintains his innocence.

In his message, Trump extended holiday wishes to global leaders, both allies and adversaries, but reserved his harshest words for domestic opponents. He lambasted various policies and actions, from open borders to the handling of the Russia/Ukraine conflict, accusing these internal ‘THUGS’ of attempting to ruin the United States. His blunt wish for them: ‘MAY THEY ROT IN HELL. AGAIN, MERRY CHRISTMAS!’

Trump also hinted at potential interference by Biden in the upcoming presidential election, in which he aims to regain office. He touched on topics like the Affordable Care Act and his own poll standings, suggesting that his plans would lead to optimism rather than despair.

This Christmas outburst follows a pattern of similar holiday-themed rants by Trump, including last year’s Christmas and other holidays throughout 2023, such as Easter and Memorial Day. Despite these controversies, Trump continues to lead as the GOP’s favored presidential candidate, significantly ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in national polls.

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