“Doesn’t care if they’re there or not” Mary Trump Observes Unusual Family Support Dynamics in Donald Trump’s Trial

 “Doesn’t care if they’re there or not” Mary Trump Observes Unusual Family Support Dynamics in Donald Trump’s Trial


Mary Trump has observed an unusual pattern in her family’s support for Donald Trump during his hush money trial. The former president is facing 34 charges of falsifying business records to conceal payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels. New York Judge Juan Merchan has mandated Donald Trump’s attendance at the trial.

Mary Trump noted that Eric Trump, the younger son, has been present multiple times to support his father, but Donald Trump Jr. has been conspicuously absent, as reported by Newsweek. Mary Trump expressed no surprise regarding Ivanka Trump’s absence, as Ivanka distanced herself from the family some time ago, believing that it was not in her best interest to remain closely associated with them.

“Maybe Eric drew the short straw because it doesn’t really make sense that it’s just him and not both of them or vice versa,” Mary Trump told MSNBC’s Katie Phang. The ex-president probably “doesn’t care if they’re there or not,” she said, and was most likely “much more disturbed by the absence of the crowds outside rallying his defense.”

“She doesn’t need them,” she said. “All of these relationships are transactional, and she is a legitimately wealthy person because of the person she’s married to. She doesn’t need Donald for anything. She’s not going to show up in a courtroom to support him, especially in a case that is at its base so depressingly tawdry.”

While Donald Trump Jr. has been vocally supportive of his father on social media, describing the trial as the “most corrupt prosecution in American history,” his younger brother Eric has taken a more active role, criticizing the case and their father’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, both outside the courthouse and on Fox News.

Eric Trump expressed his frustration on “The Ingraham Angle,” telling host Laura Ingraham that the New York DA’s office seemed to be reveling in the trial. “The New York DA’s office is sitting in court and they’re sitting there, they’re giggling and laughing. This is their All-Star moment, this is their Super Bowl moment,” he said. “They’re excited and they’re laughing, they finally get the opportunity to get my father.”

Eric also commented on Michael Cohen’s demeanor, saying, “Then I look at Cohen, and he’s giddy. He’s so happy to say that he’s a personal attorney for Donald J. Trump, and how honored he was and how great it was and he worked in that role even after he left the organization.”

This observation by Mary Trump adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing trial, highlighting the different ways family members are engaging with and reacting to the legal challenges facing the former president.

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