DeSantis Shakes 2024 Presidential Race with Bold Stance on Covid Vaccine Funding

 DeSantis Shakes 2024 Presidential Race with Bold Stance on Covid Vaccine Funding

Wade Vandervort/AFP via Getty Images

Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, has taken a firm stand against allocating funds for COVID-19 vaccines, creating waves in the political sphere as the 2024 presidential elections approach.

In a recent interview with ABC News from Midland, Texas, the prominent 2024 presidential contender voiced his intentions, emphasizing that under his leadership, no further federal funds would be channeled for coronavirus vaccines.

The backdrop of this proclamation has been DeSantis’s growing critique of former President Donald Trump, another key GOP presidential candidate. DeSantis has been outspoken about his concerns over recurring mandates and restrictions. He has pledged to uphold Americans’ freedoms, hinting at the potential overreach of health officials.

Contrastingly, the current administration under President Joe Biden has shown favor for expanded funding towards the ongoing COVID-19 battle, which encompasses research for new vaccines.

Following the end of the federal public health emergency in May, Americans have been shouldering vaccine expenses. However, the US Department of Health and Human Services did allocate a significant $1.4 billion towards new vaccine initiatives as part of Project NextGen.

In a recent event spotlighting the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, DeSantis’s surgeon general dissuaded individuals below 65 from getting the jabs, a viewpoint starkly opposite to that of federal health experts.

DeSantis’s open skepticism towards the CDC was met with immediate rectification from ABC anchor Linsey Davis, emphasizing the vaccines’ scientifically backed effectiveness.

Addressing concerns from his previous supporters, DeSantis confidently remarked, “I’m a leader. I’m not a follower.” He pointed out the differences between him and Trump, emphasizing his ability to more effectively implement America-first policies.

The Florida governor’s bold statement against future vaccine funding has certainly set the stage for intriguing debates as the 2024 electoral season heats up.

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