“Addicted to Lies Under Trump” Conservative Critic Slams GOP and Former President

 “Addicted to Lies Under Trump” Conservative Critic Slams GOP and Former President

Michael Brochstein/Sipa USA

A prominent conservative, and vocal critic of both former President Donald Trump and the current iteration of the Republican Party, ripped into both Wednesday night, saying the GOP has become “addicted to lies under Trump.” George Conway’s comments on CNN came in response to a clip in which House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) claimed Trump “of course” respects the Constitution and the peaceful transfer of power.

“The pretense that Donald Trump cares about the Constitution, the pretense that he didn’t try to overthrow the Constitution, the pretense that, as Donald Trump has been saying, the people who went up to Capitol Hill on Jan. 6 and then were prosecuted are ‘hostages’ … I mean, in light of that, it’s just impossible to say with any honesty that Donald Trump supports the Constitution,” Conway said.

He doubled down on the criticism, adding, “It’s impossible to say that,” referring to his previous comment, “and Speaker Johnson manages to do that. And he does that because Republicans just lie casually now. And that’s just become a way of life for the Republican Party.”

Criticizing Trump is familiar ground for Conway, a conservative lawyer and political commentator who was previously married to Trump’s senior advisor Kellyanne Conway. Conway has said Trump “deserves to spend his life in prison,” called the former president both an “adjudicated rapist” and “authoritarian,” and noted that his continued support represents “partisanship run amok.”

“I think there is some segment of the population that wants a strong man. And I don’t mean that in a complimentary way,” he said on Amanpour & Co. “I mean that in a quasi-dictatorial, authoritarian figure.” Conway’s harsh critique reflects a broader dissatisfaction among some conservatives who feel the Republican Party has lost its way under Trump’s influence. His comments highlight ongoing concerns about the party’s direction, especially regarding truthfulness and adherence to democratic principles.

The accusations against Trump and the GOP underscore a significant internal conflict within the conservative movement. While some Republicans continue to staunchly defend Trump and his actions, others, like Conway, argue that the party’s credibility and commitment to core American values have been compromised.

As the political landscape evolves, Conway’s statements serve as a reminder of the deep divisions within the Republican Party and the broader conservative community. The debate over Trump’s influence and the party’s future direction remains a contentious and unresolved issue, with significant implications for American politics.

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