Boris Johnson’s ex-girlfriend claims that he’s in a ‘messy of own making’

 Boris Johnson’s ex-girlfriend claims that he’s in a ‘messy of own making’

Boris Johnson ex-girlfriend claims messy own making (PIC: /itv- Screenshot)

Boris Johnsons ex-girlfriend Petronella Wyatt appeared on Good Morning Britain to chat over the Prime Minister’s personality clashes with the qualities required to be in No 10

Ex-girlfriend of Boris Johnson criticizes him During an interview with Good Morning Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ex-girlfriend Petronella Wyatt revealed why she feels sympathy for the PM but believes his premiership will fail, as Silver Screen Beat reported.

Johnson was a journalist who had a sexual relationship with his ex-wife. Johnson was interviewed by Richard Madeley, Susanna Reid, and Johnson on ITV’s morning show. Johnson described himself as being in a “mess of his own making.”

She spoke on the program: “He’s very much a people pleaser, which leads to all sorts of problems in government because he makes promises he can’t keep, he makes enemies of MPs.

“While you can do that in your personal life, it catches up with you in politics.”

Petronella was not happy with Johnson’s assertion that he was a liar. “doesn’t intend to” She also admitted that she considered Prime Minister to be the “wrong job” For him.

She said: “I actually did predict it wouldn’t end well. The qualities that made him a very good journalist are not the qualities you need in a Prime Minister, because it’s a hard slog and he never liked the detail.

“The other thing is I wouldn’t say he was lazy, but being PM does involve a 14-hour day, which isn’t really him. He gets bored with things quite quickly.”

The Good Morning Britain team asked the presenters what they thought of the strong views against him following the confidence vote earlier in the week.

She said: “What it boils down to is winning the next election. Boris is now seen as a liability and I think it’s that more than anything else that is going to dog him.”

Richard suggested that Petronella might be a good idea. “feel quite sorry for him” She agreed, and she added: “He’s in a horrible position. He’s on the ropes.”

She simply replied that he does a good job of overcoming failures. “badly”’, adding: “It would be unhealthy if he took it well. It’s torture to fail and do it in public.”

Richard then asked: “If he does get booted out do you think actually perversely it will make him happier?”

Petronella replied: “In the long run, yes, but in the short run no. I think his forte is in writing and the media. His life will quieten down.”

Petronella was reluctant to talk about her personal relationship with Johnson. However, she noted that Johnson is a person who is well-liked by the public. “the wrong impression” He believes he is an idiot. a “hard man.”

She said: “He’s a bit of an enigma. He’s surprisingly vulnerable. It’s very hard not to be fond of him because his instincts are basically decent, but he’s very much his own worst enemy.”

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