Boebert Criticized After Supreme Court Ruling ‘The President Is Now a King Above the Law

 Boebert Criticized After Supreme Court Ruling ‘The President Is Now a King Above the Law

Lauren Boebert/Twitter

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) waded into legal waters on Monday just moments after the conservative-majority Supreme Court granted Donald Trump—and all future presidents—a significant amount of immunity from criminal prosecution. As multiple legal scholars noted, the 6-3 ruling potentially allows presidents to engage in criminal activity that could be construed as official actions by the nation’s chief executive.

Boebert claimed the ruling was a setback for President Joe Biden, leading multiple commenters on X to point out what she failed to grasp. According to the consistently controversial conservative lawmaker, “The Supreme Court isn’t ‘protecting Trump. SCOTUS is simply ensuring the ruthless Biden admin follows the RULE OF LAW!” One commenter quickly responded, “So Biden can now arrest Trump and send him to Gitmo officially? I am cool with that. Anyone else?”

Ken Young clarified, “Actually, all administrations.” Marcus Simmons simply offered, “Idiot,” while Alissa Jass advised in Trumpian all-caps, “LAY OFF THE DRUGS!” Karma Llama pointed out, “Which now means he can put you in jail as long as it is an Official act,” leading Miss Mattie Mac to admit, “Excited that Biden can now do whatever he wants.”

“He can officially do whatever he wants to you as of right now. So I’d keep my voice down,” Debiflpc suggested. Referring to one of Boebert’s recent scandals, Steve Beans asked, “Isn’t there a showing of Beetlejuice you need to bring a client to?”

David Smith sarcastically noted, “Sure, whatever. I am hearing he may issue an ‘official’ EO to declare convicted felons cannot be presidents. Biden is not ruthless. SCOTUS just said so. King Joseph of Scranton will also suspend the 2024 elections indefinitely and give himself another 4 years. Thank you, SCOTUS.”

“So he can do whatever he wants. Biden could have all the Republicans deported,” Michelle Lynn pointed out. With that in mind, Caroline Meade was raring to go, telling Boebert, “Biden is immune! Time for action.” “You go and educate yourself and your children, Failed mother,” Porto G recommended.

Boebert’s comments and the public’s reaction highlight the contentious nature of the Supreme Court’s decision. As President Biden and his administration navigate this new legal landscape, the ruling’s implications for presidential power and accountability will continue to spark debate across the political spectrum.

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