Joe Scarborough Drops Bombshell: ‘Democrats Whisper Biden’s Too Old But Won’t Admit On-Air!

 Joe Scarborough Drops Bombshell: ‘Democrats Whisper Biden’s Too Old But Won’t Admit On-Air!

Evelyn Hockstein/AFP/Getty Images

On a riveting episode of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough unleashed a scathing critique of Democrats, accusing them of hypocrisy concerning President Joe Biden’s age.

This fiery discussion was sparked when guest David Ignatius questioned if Biden, in the face of potential competition from Donald Trump or a similar Republican nominee, had the vitality to clinch the 2024 victory.

Mika Brzezinski, the show’s co-host, seemed less than pleased with Ignatius’s sentiments. However, Scarborough swiftly jumped to Ignatius’s defense, making a bold assertion.

He claimed that while many critique Republicans for their dual standards about Trump, Democrats are playing the same game. Off the record, many express doubts about Biden’s age and suitability for the 2024 run, but publicly, they maintain a unified front.

Scarborough fervently stated, “Every single discussion, and I mean every, is filled with murmurs questioning Biden’s age.” Reverend Al Sharpton, another prominent voice, apparently echoes the same sentiment, hearing these behind-the-scenes whispers.

In light of this, Scarborough praised Ignatius for bravely bringing the elephant in the room into the spotlight. Meanwhile, amid swirling concerns over his age and fitness, President Biden retorted with confidence during a Philadelphia rally in September, asserting that with age comes wisdom, and he’s not backing down anytime soon, according to FiveThirtyEight.

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