“Biden’s Speech at Morehouse College Was Angry, Divisive, Dishonest and Condescending” Graduates Turn Their Backs in Protest

 “Biden’s Speech at Morehouse College Was Angry, Divisive, Dishonest and Condescending” Graduates Turn Their Backs in Protest

File Photo: Reuters

President Joe Biden experienced a direct snub from graduates who turned their backs on him during his Sunday speech at Morehouse College. As he delivered the commencement address, Biden was met with silent protests, reflecting strong objections from students and faculty members alike, according to ABC News.

The speech marked Biden’s first appearance at a college campus since widespread protests erupted nationwide at educational institutions over his international policies. The event also sparked intense backlash online. One user on X opined, “Joe Biden’s speech at Morehouse College to black graduates was horrendous. This piece of sh*t is trying to tear this country apart and set us back another 80 years.

Don’t let him.” Sharing a video clip of the event, another user pointed out, “Almost no graduates stood when Joe Biden was introduced today at the Morehouse College commencement event in Georgia. There were also many empty seats surrounding the alumni and guests.”

Another user asserted, “Imagine working hard for years to graduate from college and Joe Biden shows up on your day of celebration to remind you that you’re a victim and America doesn’t love you because you’re black.” Echoing similar sentiments, a user slammed, “Biden’s speech at Morehouse College was angry, divisive, dishonest and condescending and I hope all Morehouse students and Alumni reject this hateful and manipulative view of America and Americans.”

Subsequently, Morehouse alumni circulated an online letter criticizing the administration for inviting Biden. According to the New York Post, several faculty members even vowed to boycott the commencement address. During his speech, Biden acknowledged the graduating students, stating that American democracy has let down the Black community.

He asked, “What is democracy if black men are being killed in the street? What is democracy when a trail of broken promises still leaves black communities behind?” He added, “Most of all, what does it mean as you’ve heard before, to be a black man who loves his country even if it doesn’t love him back in equal measure?”

In his address, Biden vowed to expose the “poison of white supremacy” and actively work to dismantle systemic racism. His decision to address racism during what should have been a celebratory moment may stem from polls indicating a troubling decline in his support among Black Americans.

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that only a slim majority, 55%, of Black voters currently approve of Biden’s performance. This represents a significant drop from the overwhelming support he received in the 2020 election, where 95% of Black women and 87% of Black men voted in his favor.

The shift highlights growing discontent within the Black community over his administration’s effectiveness in delivering on their 2020 promises. The mixed reactions to Biden’s speech at Morehouse College underscore the broader challenges his administration faces in maintaining the support of key constituencies, particularly as he heads into the 2024 presidential election.

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