Busted: KJP asked why the language of President Biden’s denials has changed

 Busted: KJP asked why the language of President Biden’s denials has changed

Evan Vucci/AP Photo

The allegations of bribery involving President Joe Biden are gaining prominence, evidenced by the White House press corps seeking clarifications on the matter. As we previously reported, a journalist questioned Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary, about whether Biden maintains his assertion of never having discussed business with his son, Hunter.

This query was sparked by a claim from a former business partner of Hunter’s, who is ready to testify under oath that Hunter had put his father on the phone over two dozen times during business transactions. This claim was further supplemented by a WhatsApp text wherein Hunter reportedly presses a Chinese businessman for money while indicating his father’s presence in the room.

Numerous Twitter users and others have noticed that Jean-Pierre seemed to subtly shift the narrative by asserting that the president never entered into business with his son.

Philip Wegmann from RealClearNews noted this change in narrative during a press conference on Wednesday, questioning why the president’s denial had altered.

There are at least two of Hunter’s former business associates who are ready to testify under oath that Biden, referred to as “the big guy,” was present during these business discussions. One of them made a statement in 2020 asserting that Biden had indeed discussed business with his son. So, the question arises, does Biden’s alleged receipt of a 10 percent cut implicate him in business with Hunter?

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