“You Got Some Explaining to Do” Democrats React to Biden’s Debate Performance

 “You Got Some Explaining to Do” Democrats React to Biden’s Debate Performance

Source: ABC News

President Joe Biden left his own party stunned Thursday — much to the glee of the GOP. While Democrats erupted online, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) dared to ask for money from “proud” supporters following their candidate’s performance.

In a text to supporters, the DNC wrote: “If Joe Biden made you as proud as us, and if you’re ready to do something important to beat Donald Trump and the MAGA-right — it’s the perfect time to donate to the DNC.”

The committee added that the Federal Election Commission deadline is nearing and that “everyone will be looking at the response to this debate.” The last part couldn’t be more true, if X, formerly Twitter, was any indication.

Democrats seethed online, baffled by an unrecognizable candidate Biden — reportedly battling a cold — and they let the DNC know this was not an acceptable performance, reported Raw Story.

“You got some explaining to do,” @cleanwatr tweeted in response to the DNC. “Dems need MESSAGING more than ever. Biden isn’t communicating. Bring out the Dems LOUD AND PROUD: Harris, Buttigieg, Newsom.”

“This debate showed the world, especially Americans, that Joe Biden IS NOT FIT to be POTUS! THIS ISN’T palatable anymore @DNC WE just saw live absolute elder abuse,” wrote @AFMom. “Does anyone understand Joe’s language? DNC is sick promoting him and where are elder abuse folks at?” added another user.

“It was nothing but theatre, necessary in order to boot Biden. The liberal talking heads, the entire DNC, and most notably the Biden family—are all guilty of elder abuse. Tony Soprano would be proud of the DNC’s hit job,” wrote @RomaLeisure.

“The Biden campaign team better change their strategy ASAP. It’s up to them to educate voters because the media isn’t going to. There’s so much misinfo & propaganda out there voters don’t know what’s true. I’m losing faith in Dem strategy & feel let down,” wrote @shareitarie10.

Despite the backlash, the DNC continues to push for support and funding as the election deadline approaches. However, Biden’s performance has clearly left a significant portion of his base questioning his fitness for office and the Democratic Party’s strategy moving forward. The response from the party’s supporters signals a crucial need for effective communication and strong leadership to counteract the negative impressions from the debate.

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