“Donald Trump is a Loser” Biden’s Bold Proclamation at Philadelphia Rally

 “Donald Trump is a Loser” Biden’s Bold Proclamation at Philadelphia Rally

(Getty Images; Reuters)

President Joe Biden made headlines at a Philadelphia rally as he delivered a sharp critique of Donald Trump, dubbing him a “loser” in a message aimed at galvanizing Black voters. At this gathering, alongside Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden emphasized the critical role Black voters played in their 2020 election victory. “Folks if anyone is wondering whether your vote matters, remember this. Because Black Americans voted, I am president, Kamala Harris is a historic vice president, and Donald Trump is a loser,” Biden stated in a post that quickly went viral, amassing over 4.3 million views.

The statement sparked a flurry of responses on social media, ranging from support to stark criticism. A host from Sunday Night Live on InfoWars, @realchasegeiser, took a sarcastic swipe at Biden, commenting, “Wow. Biden just blamed black people for all of our problems. Super racist.” Meanwhile, a parody account named @VivekRammaswamy chimed in, suggesting, “So, you’re admitting Kamala Harris is only Vice President because of her race, and she’s unqualified?” This sentiment was echoed by others who questioned the tone and implications of Biden’s remarks.

Criticism also came from @cliftonaduncan, a Black user on X, who humorously distanced himself, saying, “Nigga, don’t claim me I am not responsible for this shit.” This comment was highlighted by another user, @olivia_p_walker, who found it to be a poignant response to what she viewed as Biden’s racial pandering. Another user, @QueenOfHeartsSF, expressed concern, commenting, “Can’t escape a feeling that y’all are being framed.”

During his speech at Girard College, a predominantly Black institution, Biden reiterated the importance of the Black electorate. “Because Black Americans voted, Kamala and I are president and vice president of the United States. Because of you. That’s not hyperbole. Because you voted, Donald Trump defeated the former president. And with your vote, with your vote in 2024, we’re gonna make Donald Trump a loser again,” he declared, as reported by ABC News.

Biden also used the occasion to tout his administration’s achievements, particularly those benefiting his Black constituents. He highlighted the significant reduction in unemployment rates, lower costs for prescription drugs, and the cancellation of student debt, which disproportionately aided Black borrowers. “So far, I’ve relieved student debt for nearly 5 million Americans, a significant number are Black borrowers,” he noted.

Despite these efforts, a recent Washington Post/Ipsos survey reveals a concerning trend: only 62 percent of Black voters are “absolutely certain” they will vote in the upcoming November election, a notable drop from previous figures. This decline poses a potential challenge for Biden, as robust turnout among Black voters is crucial for Democratic success, underscoring the high stakes of the impending electoral rematch with Trump.

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