Allegations Surface of President Joe Biden Using Phone Line Paid for by Hunter Biden for International Calls

 Allegations Surface of President Joe Biden Using Phone Line Paid for by Hunter Biden for International Calls

© AP Photo / Manuel Balce Ceneta

In a recent development, it has been alleged that President Joe Biden used a phone line, paid for by his son Hunter Biden, to make numerous international calls amounting to hundreds of dollars. An email from AT&T, directed to Hunter’s consulting firm Rosemont Seneca, and dated February 18, 2018, reveals that the phone line in question was used for overseas communications. The email, mistakenly sent to Hunter but intended for Joe, highlighted that the former Vice President had been using a laptop left by Hunter to send messages and make calls using a number ending in 3535.

The timing of these calls is particularly notable, coming just days before Joe Biden was reportedly set to receive a $200,000 payment from his brother Jim Biden. This payment was allegedly linked to a promise of investment from a foreign healthcare firm, purportedly obtained through the Biden family’s influence. Documentation from the time shows Hunter was responsible for the phone expenses, paying over $1,200 monthly, which included costs for Joe’s line and several others for family members.

This revelation coincides with previous dubious communications between Hunter and a Chinese oil giant associate, discussing “developing projects to the joint benefit of both my home and yours,” just two days prior to the surge in international call activity.

The discovery has raised concerns, particularly as the US House Oversight Committee recently launched an investigation into the Biden family’s financial dealings to determine if they posed a threat to national security. This inquiry followed accusations against Hunter Biden by House Republicans, claiming he engaged in influence peddling during his tenure at Ukrainian oil company Burisma by leveraging his father’s then-role as Vice President.

Despite the ongoing investigations and a flood of evidence, including testimony from Hunter’s former associate Devon Archer, the Oversight Committee, dominated by Republicans, concluded their probe without finding conclusive evidence linking President Biden to any wrongdoing. However, public opinion remains skeptical; a survey by AP-NORC showed that while only 30% of Americans believe President Biden acted ethically in managing his son’s business dealings, a significant majority view his actions as unethical or possibly illegal, with 33% supporting an impeachment investigation.

As these allegations unfold, the potential implications for President Biden continue to stir debate and concern over the ethical dimensions of his family’s business engagements.

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