Poll Shows Democrats Want Biden to Stay in Race ‘That Says It All’

 Poll Shows Democrats Want Biden to Stay in Race ‘That Says It All’

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

President Joe Biden has faced calls to drop from the 2024 race, but a recent poll showing most Democrats want him to stay put is being celebrated on social media. Recent reports have suggested that Biden, who has been criticized for running for a second term despite being in his 80s, has been discussing with family members whether to bow out. On Sunday, the New York Times reported that Biden’s family encouraged him to keep running at a family gathering.

The YouGov poll showed that 55% of registered Democrats think Biden should keep running, while 45% say he should “step aside.” Former MSNBC personality Keith Olbermann highlighted the poll results: “Today’s YouGov/CBS Poll: Should Biden stay in the race? YES, 55%-45% Should TRUMP stay in the race? NO, 54-46% That says it all.” He added, “Any effing questions?”

Journalist Rachel Janfaza noted, “Compared to all other age groups – young voters are the most supportive of a Biden run and the least supportive of a Trump run.”

Twitter user @PrezLives2022 chimed in, “YouGov/CBS poll says Biden should stay in 55/45 while the same poll says Trump should drop out 54/46. I’d say Biden is in better shape than Trump at this point. 33 million raised since Thursday….stay strong Team Biden.”

@BernBoomer had this interpretation: “YouGov/CBS Poll: Biden should stay in. Trump should drop out.” Others pointed out that the Trump bow-out question was asked to registered voters, while the Biden question was posed to Democrats.

Despite the positive sentiment among Democrats, the same poll found that 72% of respondents do not believe Biden has the mental and cognitive health to serve as U.S. President for another term, prompting celebration from Biden’s skeptics.

Conservative commentator Charlie Sykes remarked, “Dem Xitter is assuring me that this won’t be a problem and that we should stop talking about it.” He added, “CBS POLL: ****72 Percent ***** Say Biden doesn’t have cognitive health to serve as president.”

This poll highlights the ongoing debate within the Democratic Party about Biden’s candidacy and the contrasting opinions about former President Donald Trump. As the 2024 election approaches, these poll results underscore the divided opinions among voters and the challenges both candidates face in securing their party’s support and the general electorate’s confidence.

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