Biden Slams Trump’s Authoritarian Tendencies During Spirited Late-Night Conversation

 Biden Slams Trump’s Authoritarian Tendencies During Spirited Late-Night Conversation

Kevin Dietsch/UPI/Bloomberg via Getty Images

During a recent appearance on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, President Joe Biden expressed strong disapproval of former President Donald Trump’s statements and actions, which Biden views as threats to American democracy.

The interview, part of a two-part series on the show, featured Biden discussing various topics, including Trump’s controversial remarks about wanting to be a dictator. Meyers, who was celebrating the tenth anniversary of his tenure on the show, facilitated the conversation, drawing on Biden’s extensive experience in dealing with authoritarian leaders, per Mediaite.

Biden’s criticism centered on Trump’s disregard for the rule of law and the Constitution. He pointed out Trump’s alarming rhetoric, including referring to political adversaries as ‘vermin’ and himself as ‘retribution’, which Biden argued is characteristic of dictatorial behavior. This critique was bolstered by references to Trump’s past statements, such as his declaration at a Maryland event in March 2023, where he positioned himself as a champion of those he perceives as wrong, promising retribution.

The conversation also touched on the serious issue of the Capitol riot, which Biden referred to as an insurrection, highlighting the tragic outcomes, including the deaths of two police officers and injuries to others. Biden expressed incredulity at Trump’s characterization of the rioters as patriots and his suggestions of pardoning them, comparing these actions to those seen in authoritarian regimes rather than in the United States per Texas Tribune.

Furthermore, Biden addressed Trump’s criticism of a bipartisan border bill, which received widespread support across political lines. He condemned Trump’s opposition to the bill, not on its merits, but because its success might reflect positively on Biden’s administration. This, Biden argued, exemplifies a prioritization of personal vendettas over national interest, further illustrating what he sees as Trump’s detrimental approach to governance.

Overall, Biden’s impassioned responses during the interview highlighted his deep concerns about the challenges facing American democracy and the importance of adhering to the principles of law and order, contrasting sharply with the behaviors and statements attributed to Trump.

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