President Biden Omits Mention of Fifth Granddaughter at White House Event

 President Biden Omits Mention of Fifth Granddaughter at White House Event

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During a recent Women’s History Month reception at the White House, President Joe Biden made remarks that conspicuously omitted any mention of his fifth granddaughter, Navy Joan Roberts, who is Hunter Biden’s child with Lunden Roberts from Arkansas.

In his speech, President Biden enthusiastically spoke about the bright futures he envisions for his daughter and four granddaughters, praising their incredible nature and encouraging the audience to meet them. At 81, Biden has consistently stated that he has six grandchildren, thus not acknowledging Navy Joan, who is now 4 years old, reported the New York Post.

The omission of Navy Joan from Biden’s public acknowledgments has been a consistent pattern, despite a brief moment last July when the President, amidst a child support case settlement between Hunter and Lunden Roberts, released a statement to People magazine.

In it, he expressed a desire for what is best for Navy Joan, highlighting that Hunter and Lunden were working together to ensure their daughter’s well-being while maintaining her privacy. The statement, emphasizing the issue as a family matter rather than a political one, marked a rare public acknowledgment of Navy Joan by the President.

However, according to court documents filed by Lunden Roberts last year during the child support case, Hunter has had no contact with Navy Joan. The documents also revealed that both President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden remain distant from their granddaughter.

Clint Lancaster, Roberts’ attorney, expressed disappointment over the lack of contact from the Biden family but reassured that Roberts is an excellent mother and that Navy Joan will be well taken care of. The situation sheds light on the complexities and challenges within the Biden family dynamics, especially concerning the youngest members of the family.

President Biden’s grandchildren, besides Navy Joan, include Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy, who are Hunter’s daughters with his ex-wife Kathleen Buhle; Natalie and Robert, the children of Biden’s late son Beau and his wife Hallie; and Beau, Hunter’s son with his current wife, Melissa Cohen. The exclusion of Navy Joan from public familial acknowledgments by the President continues to raise questions and discussions about the private and public aspects of family relationships within prominent political families.

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