“He was at Sheetz yesterday. He’s a uniter” President Biden Hits Pennsylvania Convenience Stores in Unique Campaign Strategy

 “He was at Sheetz yesterday. He’s a uniter” President Biden Hits Pennsylvania Convenience Stores in Unique Campaign Strategy

Evelyn Hockstein/AFP/Getty Images

President Joe Biden is taking an innovative approach on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania, focusing on visits to the state’s beloved convenience store chains, Sheetz and Wawa. These stops are not just casual pit stops; they’re calculated political maneuvers aimed at resonating with local voters amid the fierce competition for Pennsylvania’s critical electoral votes.

The choice of Sheetz and Wawa as campaign venues has highlighted the ongoing rivalry between the two chains, which is a topic of lighthearted debate among Pennsylvanians. This rivalry is akin to the state’s sports allegiances, often compared to the fervor of the NFL rivalry between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles. Biden’s visits have ignited conversations and playful banter across the state, particularly between fans of these popular convenience stores, as per the New York Post.

Senator John Fetterman, known for his outspoken support of Sheetz, chimed in with a humorous reaction to Biden’s patronage of Wawa. On X (formerly Twitter), Fetterman quipped, “He was my president… #TeamSheetz,” following Biden’s visit to a Wawa in Center City Philadelphia. This just underscored the playful yet passionate loyalty Pennsylvanians have towards their favorite convenience store chains.

During his visit to Wawa, Biden indulged in a classic Italian hoagie and a black-white milkshake, a day after he was seen grabbing snacks at a Sheetz in Pittsburgh. These back-to-back visits not only fed into the regional rivalry but also demonstrated Biden’s strategy to connect with voters on a relatable, everyday level.

Fetterman has previously expressed his preference for Sheetz, humorously noting, “Wawa is perfectly great if you’re 50 miles or more from a Sheetz.” This ongoing jest among Pennsylvania’s residents reflects a deeper cultural affinity for these chains, which have become embedded in the local identity.

Biden’s dual visits to Sheetz and Wawa seem strategically designed to cater to the diverse preferences within Pennsylvania’s electorate. With the state’s 19 electoral votes hanging in the balance, Pennsylvania continues to be a key battleground state in national elections. According to the latest polls from RealClearPolitics, Biden holds a narrow lead over former President Donald Trump, with only a 0.1 percentage point advantage.

This nuanced approach to campaigning—engaging in the local convenience store culture—might help Biden strike a chord with voters who appreciate a candidate who understands and participates in their everyday lives. As the election draws nearer, it’s clear that every small interaction and local visit will be crucial in swaying voters in a state as pivotal as Pennsylvania.

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