“War on Drugs” Biden Faces Backlash for Migrant Crisis Response While Touting Gun Control Measures

 “War on Drugs” Biden Faces Backlash for Migrant Crisis Response While Touting Gun Control Measures

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President Joe Biden drew criticism from the online community as he utilized social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to address gun control on Sunday, March 3. This comes at a time when concerns over border security have escalated among Americans, raising questions about their safety.

In his post, the President highlighted his administration’s efforts to prohibit assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, aligning with the executive orders he previously issued on the matter. Biden emphasized his administration’s commitment to combatting illegal gun trafficking, asserting, “I’ve taken more executive actions to stop the flow of illegal guns than any other administration in history.”

He further underscored past accomplishments, stating, “We beat the NRA when I signed the most significant gun safety law in nearly 30 years.” Biden concluded with a pledge to continue the initiative, vowing to “finish the job and ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

The White House had previously announced Biden’s objective in March 2023, aiming to enhance background checks for firearm sales and bolster the enforcement of existing laws. Executive orders also targeted the promotion of safe firearm storage and accountability within the gun industry.

However, reactions to Biden’s post reflected widespread discontent among netizens, particularly regarding the prioritization of gun control amidst the ongoing border security crisis. Many expressed frustration with what they perceived as misplaced focus, given the pressing concerns at the southern border.

Critics pointed out perceived contradictions in the administration’s priorities, with one commenter questioning the efficacy of gun control measures in the face of rampant drug-related issues and criminal activity. Others highlighted the need for comprehensive border security measures before addressing gun legislation.

The sentiment echoed by many online users reflected skepticism towards the administration’s ability to address multiple challenges simultaneously, particularly in light of perceived failures to address the border crisis effectively.

In summary, President Biden’s social media post on gun control sparked controversy and criticism online, with many questioning the administration’s priorities amidst escalating concerns over border security and public safety.


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